When in the fight for your patients' safety, better data quality makes for a winning strategy

Discover how we’re helping our clients make the world a safer place by accelerating insights into patient safety solutions.

The medical industry has an immense responsibility to consumers.

On the one hand, pharmaceutical organizations are bound by the latest federal regulations concerning protection against patient safety. On the other hand, medical companies must strike a delicate balance between striving for excellence and continuous innovation to stay competitive in today’s ever-changing market.

We combine regulatory expertise with cutting-edge technology

At iClinical Health, we combine regulatory expertise with cutting-edge technology to provide clear and concise data on product status as well as real-time feedback throughout various stages of your product’s lifecycle.

iClinical Health provides business, operational support to the PV department through analysis, reporting, supply management, and logistic activities on a day-to-day basis.


We actively work with the Operations teams and all other functional areas within the organization to ensure the assessment of real and potential product safety issues, including complaints, field alerts (FA), remote reports (RR), patient reports (PR), special reports (SR) and death reports are completed on time.

Ensuring business continuity with the highest quality service

As technology changes across the pharmacovigilance landscape, we’re ensuring that our workforce will be ready for what’s to come. We consider it our priority to continue providing world-class pharmaceutical distribution services to life sciences companies worldwide. We do this is by ensuring business continuity with the highest quality service and care for customer data as it pertains to patient safety.


We recognize that communication and training through our career development process instill loyalty and job satisfaction among employees – two factors that keep them dedicated over time.

Don't leave your drug safety program to chance

Whether you need standalone PV services or integrated global pharmacovigilance, medical information, and regulatory services, iClinicalhealth can support your specific needs.

Periodic safety reports and risk management plans

We offer support in helping our clients monitor the lifecycle of their products and safeguard their benefits/risks profiles through periodic safety reports and risk management plans, thus ensuring that safe and effective medicines are delivered to patients worldwide. 

Our professionals have an in-depth knowledge of both the technical and regulatory perspectives, which means they can assist companies with preparing any relevant information required for pharmaceutical projects, documents that benefit from this well-refined approach to ensure continued safe use.