Clinical Research Staffing Services - Fast, Easy, Affordable

We are the solution to your research recruitment requirements. Experienced physicians, nurse practitioners administer drug screening/ monitoring/ assessments, and more!

Seamless, end-to-end solutions

We provide outsourced solutions for pharmaceutical and biotech companies that are looking to optimize their research process. We deliver seamless, end-to-end solutions through our FSP model, which leverages the expertise of domain scientists with industry best practices to manage multiple research projects at any given time.

Professional staffing services

iClinical Health is the premier source for hiring and managing contract clinical research professionals that support your operations. We provide on-demand professional staffing for clinical trials supporting all phases of development. In a world where clinical research is constantly changing and evolving, it’s essential to have a workforce adapt to these changes. 


iClinical Health helps you do just that by providing solutions that range from staffing to our global Functional Service Provider model. By utilizing our flexible workforce options, you can be a leader in an ever-changing clinical research environment instead of being left behind.

Why iClinical Health?

iClinical Health is staffed with seasoned professional staffing consultants who bring years of experience in the complex process of hiring and retaining clinical, regulatory, compliance, and administrative professionals for our clients. 


We leverage our deep business relationships to find not just any talent but the right talent for your specific needs, whether it be direct hire or contract placement. The result is enhanced productivity, greater efficiency, and better patient care.

We offer free consultations for complex scientific research and trial staffing needs!

Call us or email us at to learn about our innovative services designed to meet all of your clinical research and trials needs.

We add value

At iClinical Health, we are committed to an extensive partnership with our clients. We are ready, willing, and able to work with you based on responsiveness, commitment, and speed. Our team of recruiters is capable experts in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and clinical research staffing field. 


We establish relationships based on trust and attentiveness that last throughout our working relationship. We’re entirely devoted to resolving your company’s problems every step of the way—we start at preclinical recruiting stages up until post-market studies after launch, performing medical recruitment duties all along the way! It’s also essential for us to understand your internal culture, so we can bring you extra value through quality individuals who will be excellent additions to your company.