Cryogenically Shipping Management for Research and Clinical Laboratories

Our sample transport services can accommodate anyone who needs fast yet safe delivery. We offer protective packaging for any cargo, including IVF materials and more.

Custom Shipping Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Biological samples and research materials are fragile, and transporting them safely can be difficult. That’s why we offer custom shipping solutions to meet your needs no matter what they may be. With online tracking of shipments, you’ll always know where your samples or materials are and when they will arrive safely.


When shipping your samples, it’s essential to properly pack them for long-term preservation that covers the following: Temperature fluctuations, Radiation Emissions (Ultraviolet Light, Gamma Radiation), and ESD. Our specialized team is equipped to handle these challenges each day with our robust atmosphere controlled shipping containers.

cryo shipping

Quality you can count on

Seamless Process

iClinical Health is a team of professionals who will handle every aspect of the shipping process, removing any inconvenience you might otherwise have had to worry about when dealing with this issue.


iClinical Health’s shipping personnel are trained and certified to handle your samples. Our entire expert personnel team complies with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations applicable to the safe transportation of biological specimens.


Shipping with iClinical Health will provide safety and efficiency every step of the way: starting with guaranteed pick-up; being shipped in a temperature-controlled environment; monitored and tracked every step of the way via GPS.

Temperature Measurement

Each vaporizer package will arrive frozen in a cryogenic state. Each shipment comes equipped with special data loggers that record the temperature and remain at -40°F during delivery.

Move your samples with iClinical Health and rest at ease, knowing that you're in great hands.

Whether you are planning to relocate a small collection or a large repository, we can ensure it will be a seamless process that maintains sample integrity at the highest standards.

Specially Trained Staff

We recognize the importance of biological samples, and that’s why we take special care of our shipments. We know how much trust is in the balance, so our specially trained staff will take care of keeping eggs, sperm, or embryos safe during transit. 


Our Comprehensive solution includes

  • Personalized shipping solution to fit your needs
  • Rental of the shipper
  • Cryogenic charging of the shipper
  • All shipping costs
  • Logistics coordination and monitoring
  • All documentation – including customs documentation as applicable
  • Optional shipping insurance